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Laser Struck, Inc. has been providing quality concrete services to concrete contractors and project managers since 1995. With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, we can provide a range of concrete laser screeding, leveling, and pumping services for industrial and commercial applications, including: warehouse floors, post-tensioned concrete slabs, parking lots, external pavements, house basements, commercial foundations and more. We are the leader in providing innovative concrete laser screeding, laser dozing and concrete pumping services to concrete contractors and project managers throughout the US.

Concrete Pumps and Laser Screeds have revolutionized the way concrete is placed and levelled. Their use has improved the quality of concrete floors producing consistently higher F numbers and flatness of concrete floors. They also reduce labor costs enabling crews to increase volume production and focus on finishing higher quality slabs. Concrete placement is also faster enabling contractors to finish the day earlier.

Laser Struck would be happy to conduct site visits and review your project layout and pour schedule offering advice and direction to assist in producing a quality outcome. Please Contact Us for pricing and scheduling on your next construction project.